domingo, 26 de marzo de 2023

St. Patrick's Day Gymkana

 We had a ball last Friday, the 17th March, celebrating St. Patrick's Day at CEIP Salvador Allende.Children and teachers from three schools gather together that day to enjoy a specially created gymkana  (2ºA CEIP Tierno Galván, 2º A & B CEIP Salvador Allende and 1º A & B CEIP Los Morales). It had ten stations or games and we all formed the Irish flag with the colours of our T-shirts and a giant clover full with our best wishes! They did a treasure hunt with a treat at the end and they took bookmarks to remember the day. Thanks so much to AMPA Los Almendros and AMPA Averroes for collaborating and helping make such a great event! Here you have some photos!

domingo, 12 de marzo de 2023

St. Valentine's Day in Los Morales school.

 We had a great day, full of love and friendship. We exchanged friendship messages... even the teachers!

And the school was full of hearts... Have a look! 💖💕💞

Bilingual activities & BILITRAMS

 Sorry for the delay. We had problems accessing the BLOG! They are solved now and we are back on track!

Here I leave you the link to our BILITRAMS Blog, a team of (13) bilingual teachers from 5 schools in the area (Tierno Galván, Revello de Toro, Adelaida de la Calle, Los Morales & Salvador Allende), where you can see our Christmas activities, meetings and the communicative activities we are planning for this term and the next. Very soon we will meet for a St. Patrick's Day Gymkhana in CEIP Salvador Allende!